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The Problem

Granite, marble and terrazzo floorings lose their natural shine quickly without protection. This is due to the fact that granite, marble and terrazzo contains numerous pores and have a high capacity for absorbing liquid, especially for broken marbles and beige coloured marbles. This means that granite, marble and terrazzo are easily contaminated by the gradual absorption of dirty liquid over time. Dampness of the ground for granite, marble and terrazzo laid on the ground floors further aggravate the problem, resulting in frequent regrinding. Moreover, newly laid or polished granite, marble and terrazzo floors usually have dirty patches on the polished surface, because the gloss of the granite, marble and terrazzo is spoilt by the dampness and acidic substances evapourated from beneath the ground.

Polishing and Waterproofing Treatment

Here at Kang Sun, we provide polishing and waterproofing treatment for granite, marble and terrazzo floors. In addition to the removal of dirty 'patches' or stains, our treatment also serve as protection, enabling them to retain their shine for a longer time.

The process will take around 42 to 60 days and completed in 4 separate sessions. Please call us for further information regarding our charges and for arranging of appointments.

Other Services:

  • Grind uneven Marble & Terrazzo Floors
  • Get rid of Dampness, Fungus & Acid Patches with our special Polishing skills:
    From Wet Grinding / Wet Regrind to Dry Grinding / Dry Regrind and Dry Polish
  • Waterproof with KANG SUN TILE SEAL PA36, PA5208 & TENAX LIQUID WAX